Monday, November 4, 2013

Top Travel Destinations in Brazil

Brazil is a region of beautiful landscapes, cultures, religions, heritage, historic stories, architecture, and wildlife. The region does not have one single definition. Travel in North India cannot be complete without a visit Sugar Loaf in Rio.

In fact, this impressive hill is the second most visited attraction in Rio, second to the Christ the Redeemer Statue atop Corcovado Mountain. Both should be visited when visiting Rio as the views complement each other.

Despite the number of Sugar Loaf visitors being close to 2 million per year, very few Brazilian and overseas tourists take time to explore the beautiful surroundings near Sugar Loaf, such as Pista Cláudio Coutinho.

Pista Cláudio Coutinho is a 1.2 km Oceanside pedestrian pathway offering great views over the Atlantic Ocean, unique perspectives of Sugar Loaf and of Vermelha Beach.

Besides, when taking a stroll at Pista Cláudio Coutinho, pedestrians usually come across local fauna such as butterflies, birds, and marmosets.

The adventurous and reasonably fit visitors can take the opportunity to hike for about 25 minutes to the top of Urca Hill, from where one can witness great vistas of Rio de Janeiro, including Guanabara Bay, Botafogo and Flamengo Beaches, Downtown, Santos Dumont airport, and other sites.

This pedestrian pathway is open every day from 6 am to 6 pm. Since Sugar Loaf opens only at 8 am, this is a great spot to explore before or after visiting Sugar Loaf.

The gate to the path is at only 200 meters from the Sugar Loaf ticket office and cable car ground station. In addition, military institutions surround Pista Cláudio Coutinho; therefore, it is a safe area to walk.It feeling like walking. Then, Vermelha Beach might be the spot for you before or after visiting Sugar Loaf.This beach is very small, so it can get a bit too crowded on sunny summer weekends.

However, on weekdays is the perfect place to watch the gondolas go up and down Sugar Loaf, while sipping a refreshing coconut milk, and getting a tan for Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant nightlife.


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