Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A working holiday in Japan

Resort Hotel Olivean Shodoshima
Working in a Resort is the perfect way to spend the first few months of your Working Holiday in Japan! You will make many Japanese friends, improve your Japanese, and if you do not party too much while you are there, you will leave your Resort afterwards with enough cash to explore the amazing wonders of Japan!

Applying for a working holiday in Japan is an excellent option. As the term suggests, this is a good way to both earn some cash and enjoy the beauty of the country. Usually, positions for work holidays are open during summer or winter. Which season is the best one to get a job in?

One obvious way to choose between the two is to evaluate your own personal preference. Just think of whether you like warm or cold more. In addition, your entertainment preferences are worth noting. You obviously cannot get a good tan in the cold months or an adrenaline rush downs a powder slope in the warm months. Your choice would therefore partly hinge on whether you like to sun bathe or ski while on a working holiday in Japan.

The Tropical Wonders of Okinawa

Okinawa is Japan’s own little Hawaii! Culturally rich, and a spectacular, undiscovered beach destination. Okinawa is the most popular beach Resort area in Japan. Experience Okinawa at its best, working in one of its Beach Resorts, swimming or snorkeling as much as you like on your days-off, meeting Japanese people, and learning the language.

Aside from your preferences, you also need to consider your tolerance. Summer and winter in Japan can occupy extreme sides of the climate spectrum. In Hokkaido where prime winter resorts are located, the cold season can be bitterly cold. Temperatures can drop to as low as negative 30 degrees Celsius. The season lasts from December to February or early March. If you have a medical condition that can be aggravated by the cold or if you are not used to low temperatures, then a winter job stint is definitely not for you.

On the opposite end, is Japanese summer months, which can register temperatures that are equally, challenging to bear? You would probably be interested in looking at the climate in Okinawa because this is one of the most popular locations for a working holiday in Japan. Its popularity as a summer retreat is understandable considering that it is located in the subtropical region. On the average, temperatures can settle on around a pleasant 22 degrees Celsius. In the hottest periods however, you can expect temperatures to rise up to 37 degrees Celsius. Hot summers can stretch from June to September.

The primary focus of special work holidays in all Japanese resorts is still for employed visitors to enjoy vacation experiences. If you plan to take on a job however, you should still have an eye on specific work conditions. This is an important aspect to look into because summer and winter resorts sometimes provide different conditions. Your decision would depend on which conditions work best for you.

A winter working holiday in Japan is a bit more appealing for some than summer work holidays. This is because winter resorts often provide free meals and accommodations to their employees. You therefore have more cash to save or spend. In summer resorts, the cost for meals and accommodations are deducted from the pay.

Resort Rusutsu Japan Island Hokkaido
Despite the slight differences in work situations, employment in both summer and winter resorts comes with the same general expectations. The Japanese put great importance in industry and diligence. Hence, regardless of where you work, you will be expected to take your duties seriously and to limit non-work related activities or chitchat. After work hours though, employees are permitted to enjoy the slopes or the beach.

A working holiday in Japan can truly be a memorable experience. To make sure you really have the time of your life though, you need to choose the vacation season that is best for you.


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