Sunday, July 14, 2013

Armenia Travel Vacations

Not everyone is familiar enough with Armenia to want to take a vacation there, but if you are, you should consider a few details before you go. Namely, you should be prepared when it comes to money since simply bringing tons of U.S. dollars will likely not do you much good. Find out a bit about the money situation here, such as whether you should send money to Armenia before you land, as well as where to go in this country.

The currency in Armenia is the dram, and carrying this around is usually the best way to ensure that you have enough money to truly enjoy your stay in this country. Cash is the best thing to use here for payment, so do not rely on just a credit, or debit card unless you plan to use it to withdraw money in the form of drams. You can exchange USD for drams at most major airports and hotels, especially in larger cities like Yerevan, Sevan, and Dilijan. Many retailers and banks also accept traveler's checks, so you can bring them if you feel comfortable using them on vacation.

If you do not just want to carry around cash and traveler's checks, you can use a card to keep money on until you need it. Most retailers in this country do not take credit or debit cards for payment, although you might get lucky and find some large stores or major restaurants that do. However, you can still use plastic by learning how to use a prepaid debit card to send money to Armenia before you leave your house. You can simply send funds from your bank account to the card for a fee of $5 USD. You can then use this card to remove cash in the form of drams from ATMs that you will find in major cities in Armenia.

Now that you know the best ways to carry money in this country, you should start planning the best places to visit. Yerevan is of course a city to check out, as it is the largest so there are tons of shopping and plenty of restaurants to consider. If you want to ski while on vacation, Tsaghkadzor is the place to go, while if mineral waters interest you, you should check out Jermuk. You should also think about taking the Bike Armenia Tour Route if you want a full view of this country by bike while you are there. Clearly, there is plenty to do in this country, and learning how to send money to Armenia before you arrive is one way to enjoy your stay without worrying about how to pay for it.


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