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Luxury family holidays in Mexico with Club Med

With a perennially warm climate, sea temperatures that rarely drop below 25°C, a culture that is steeped in historical intrigue and a wide range of activities on offer to suit all tastes, Mexico truly is one of the world’s most intriguing family holiday destinations.

A slice of luxury living

Finding the perfect accommodation is an integral part of planning any family holiday, especially when you are in search of something a little more luxurious. After all, with the huge range of activities on offer and Mayan landmarks to take in, you will want to make sure that you have somewhere that is truly relaxing to rest your weary head, to help ensure that you get the most out of each day of your holiday.

Cancún Yucatán

Club Med’s Cancún Yucatán resort, located in the northeast of Mexico, in the Yucatán Peninsula, is the perfect base from which to explore Mexico’s cultural delights and gain an insight into Mayan civilization.

Sandwiched between the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and an equally stunning lagoon, the Cancún Yucatán resort is endowed with a simply breathtaking white sand beach, which is the perfect place to top up your tan and relax as a family.

In addition to sea view suites and deluxe rooms with private balconies or gardens, the resort’s exclusive relaxation space, with a dedicated lounge and overflow pool, breakfast room service and concierge service are just some of the benefits that you can expect from Club Med’s luxury holidays in Mexico.

Ixtapa Pacific

If the proximity to the hustle and bustle of Cancún, as well as the opportunity to delve into the history of the Mayan civilization, does not appeal, Club Med’s Ixtapa Pacific resort offers families an altogether more relaxing environment.

Set against the striking Sierra Madre Mountains in southern Mexico, complete with a sweeping sandy beach and lush tropical gardens, the Ixtapa Pacific resort is for those families who like to take things at a slower pace.

Voted ‘Best Family Holiday’ by Trip Advisor, in 2013, there’s no shortage of activities on offer in and around the resort, but it’s the gardens of coconut palms, mango trees, bougainvillea and vast expanses of greenery that make it a truly peaceful base from which to explore the area’s natural wonders.

Immersing yourself in Mayan culture

Mayan culture is evident throughout the whole of Mexico. Some of the most intriguing sites, however, are best enjoyed from Club Med’s Cancún Yucatán resort.

A short trip from the resort, the pre-Columbian city of Chichen Itza, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of the modern world, was one of the main centerpieces of Mayan civilization from roughly 600 AD, right through to 1200 AD. The complex is filled with breathtaking temples and offers a deep insight into Mayan culture; it is a great day out that will leave children of any age utterly spellbound.

In addition, a trip to Chichen Itza merely scratches the surface of what this majestic region has to offer. Whether it is a trip to Valladolid, a boat ride to nearby Isla Mujeres or a bus trip to further embrace the Mayan architecture of Tulum, the Yucatán Peninsula is teeming with cultural pursuits.

Exploring Mexico’s natural wonders

While both of Club Med’s resorts offer opportunities to appreciate Mexico’s natural beauty, the Ixtapa Pacific is the perfect base from which to really explore the ocean.

Half and full day trips aboard a Catamaran are excursions offered by the Ixtapa Pacific resort and are the best way admire Mexico’s truly breathtaking underwater scenery up close. Bursting with brightly colored fish and intricate networks of coral reef, snorkeling through the clear water will make for a truly unforgettable experience, creating memories that your family will cherish forever.

Something a little more active

Relaxing on white sand beach, sipping cocktails, dipping in and out of a good book, and watching your children playing happily on the beach may be an idyllic way to spend a family holiday for some, but, for those families looking to get a little more active, Mexico offers a wealth of adrenaline-fuelled opportunities.

From the Ixtapa Pacific resort, for example, families can enjoy a 10km bike ride, along the Playa Linda cycle track and through the Aztlan ecological park, where you can get your pulses truly racing by observing crocodiles in their natural habitat, in the Playa Linda lagoon.

A little bit of alone time

It is great to create the time to spend together as family, but there are those occasions when it is nice to have some much needed alone time with your other half, safe in the knowledge that your little ones are in the capable hands. Both the Ixtapa Pacific and Cancún Yucatán resorts have their own dedicated kids’ clubs, organized for exactly this eventuality

The perfect blend

Taken as a whole, Mexico makes the ideal family holiday destination. Its pearly beaches, turquoise waters, history, and array of exciting activities effortlessly blend to create an idyllic holiday environment. So, whether its relaxation, hustle and bustle, or exciting activity that your family desires, Mexico is certain to meet even your wildest expectations of what a dream holiday is all about.


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