Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Things to See on Your Holidays in Japan

The land of the rising sun, Japan is a country known for its hard work and interesting people. A country that offers so much of culture, art, and entertainment to the visitor is a popular tourist destination. Japan travel offers a very wide range of attractions, from historical and cultural treasures to modern and futuristic sights and beautiful forests, mountains and sea coasts.
It is a proud country full of culture and many places of interest to visit. Many now choose to stay in holiday homes as they feel that this type of holiday accommodation in Japan offers them a true feel of the Japanese culture.

The highest mountain in Japan, Mt Fuji stands nearly 3776 meters high, and during winters, looks very picturesque, with snowcaps. Travelling to Japan during autumn would be the best season to catch a glimpse of this mountain without any fog blocking the way. For those who are adventurous, they can even climb the mountain, but be sure to take a guide and enough supplies along. Catching the sunrise from atop this world wonder is a lifetime experience, which every visitor hopes to achieve.

One of the largest museums in the world, the Tokyo National Museum is worth a visit no matter how little time you have left. There are in all four galleries, filled with art, history and other works from Japan's rich heritage. Sculptures, swords, calligraphy speaking volumes will have you captivated and enthralled in how much Japan has been through.

Known as the Golden Mountains, Kinkasan is known to be one of the three holy places in Tohoku. Until late 19th century, women were not allowed into this place, but now it is open to all those who are seeking peace and tranquility in their lives. A pyramid shape mountain sits in the middle of this place, surrounded by the shrine and other walk trails, which one can explore.

An island hidden in the midst of thick forests is where one finds Iriomote Jima. The perfect location for trekking and being one with nature, the tourists can come across wildlife and interesting living creatures amidst this thicket. Apart from this, the main attractions on this island are the beaches and waterfalls. There is couple of small towns and villages running within this island, so if you are in an adventurous mode, you can explore them, mix with the locals, and get a feel of the place.

The Palace Park surrounding the Kyoto Gosho is where all the tourists flock. Perfect for a lazy stroll, or a family picnic, the scenery and the serene lake around this is mind blowing and beautiful beyond words. During the months of March and April, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, adding to the beauty of the Grounds.

You can now book holiday rentals in Japan online to find holiday accommodation for you and your family. In recent years, holidaymakers have liked to stay in holiday apartments in the city centers of Japan.


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