Monday, July 8, 2013

Austria the Home of the Wellness Holiday

Austria is blessed with hot springs and thermal pools, making the country one of the most frequented nations in the world in terms of people spending some time off on a wellness holidays. Austria's long list of spa hotels and resorts, such as the Rogner Bad Blumau, are flocked with guests who are not just looking for great accommodations, but a haven where they can relax, relieve stress, and recharge for the long overhaul ahead.

Bad Blumau in Austria is decked with mountain ranges that were once volcanoes. With the thermal heat produced by these zones, pools of naturally heated mineral water are just plain part of the Bad Blumau landscape. Hotels in the Bad Blumau area, like the Rogner Bad Blumau, have gone full throttle with the wellness concept and offers guests with a wellness holiday that no other hotels and spa resorts found in any hotel comparison site can rival or match.

Top on the list are the thermal pools. The thermal pools in Austria, especially in the Bad Blumau area, are scientifically proven to contain minerals that really rid the skin of any impurities. Simply put, a dip in one of the thermal pools in the spa hotels in Austria will not only leave your skin clean and refreshed, but nourished as well. In terms of location, you can go and wallow in the outdoor pools for a more natural feel. However, if you prefer to take your hot mineral water bath inside, majority of the hotels in the Bad Blumau area have devised systems that would channel heated mineral water from the hot springs outside to an intricate network of indoor swimming pools.

Aside from the thermal pools, an Austrian wellness holiday is not complete if you do not experience wallowing in the mud pools of Styria. The hot mud bath in Styria has therapeutic effects. Like a dip in a deep in a thermal pool, a mud bath will also cleanse your skin of impurities, while you relax and just lie in the warm mud, which is usually a little over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, a wellness holiday is not without a massage. Hotels and spa resorts in Austria do offer different kind of massages, from the world renowned Thai massage, Finnish shiatsu, and the increasingly popular Ayurveda spa treatments. Some hotels, like the Rogner Bad Blumau, offers steaming room that uses vaporized sea salt from the Dead Sea. Breathing such salt is said to clear the airways, which then could lead to healthy lungs.
If you ever choose to make Austria your wellness holiday destination, you practically made the right choice.

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