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Things to Do in Malta - Travel Oh Travel

Relatively unheard of, Malta is actually a great place to spend a vacation or a few days off. It not only has the best coastlines and ports but Malta also has the best beaches from which you can conveniently choose. The best thing about Malta, however, is the archaic structures that predate even the Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt.

1.  Excellent diving in Malta

If you are a diving enthusiast, then you must have already heard of the excellent diving opportunities in Malta. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the waters in Malta are clear. Thus, it allows you to enjoy diving at its best.

2. Sandy and rocky beaches

Now, you do have a choice. A common connotation people have of beaches is that of a sandy one. In Malta, there are not only gorgeous sandy beaches but there are also rocky beaches, which are perfect for that romantic and warm moment you will want for your own benefit.

3.  Megalithic monuments

These monuments in Malta are even older than the Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. There are about twenty-three Megalithic monuments in Malta. Scholars have argued as to why these monuments can be found in such a tiny piece of land, but the point is that these archaic structures are plentiful in Malta.

4. Medieval cathedrals and palaces

Baroque-inspired structures can be found in Malta. There are also those made by the Normans. If you take a visit to Malta, make sure to visit to at least one of these well-preserved structures, which are, until present time, being utilized by the citizens of Malta.

5. Valletta's limestone buildings

Valletta is the capital city and port of Malta. It is also, where you can enrich yourself with the culture of Malta, both through the atmosphere of the place and the congeniality of the people in it. In addition, the structures and houses in Valletta are mostly made of limestone, something that will strike you as architecturally wondrous.

6. Mnajdra Temple of Malta

Standing strong for over 6,000 years, the Mnjadra Temple remains to be one of the oldest structures that can be found in Malta. Giant and primeval stones were cobbled to form a structure similar to that of a temple. As to what utility it gave to scholars are still debating upon the ancient people.

7. Qala tad-Dwejra

Located in Gozo, Qala tad-Dwejra is a one of a kind beach. Whereas the usual first qualification most people seek in a beach is its waters, Qala tad-Dwejra offers so much more than that. Only the spectacular coastline reminiscent of the ones you only get to see in movies pairs the clear and refreshing waters of the beach.

8. Legendary Gozo

Gozo is one of the islands that make up Malta. Whereas most of the buildings in Valletta are made of limestone, the structures in Gozo are built on hills. This is something you will definitely not see just anywhere, as hills usually make for a fragile foundation of buildings, but somehow though the houses in Gozo still stand sturdy and strong.

9. Mosta Dome Church

The church is famous for two reasons. One, it is largely unsupported, something obvious through its design. Two, it survived against a potential total destruction during World War II when a bomb failed to explode - a miracle, as the people of Malta see it.

10. Ghotto of Ghar Dalam

Malta's oldest historic site is the Ghotto of Ghar Dalam. It is purportedly where the oldest person in Malta can be found, dating to as early as 4000 BC. You will practically feel the historicity of the place when you visit it.

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