Monday, November 11, 2013

Popular Tourist Destinations in Asia

When you need to get away from it all, travel to Asia for a truly unique and memorable experience. While each country offers tourists something new and exciting every day, here are five of the top vacation spots in Asia:

Hong Kong - There is definitely never a dull moment in the city of Hongkong, whether during the day or enjoying the nightlife, you will surely have your hands full. Known as a tourist and shopping haven, Hong- kong will never let you down. If you enjoy sightseeing tours, the city of Hongkong will take a couple or two to fully explore. Arts and technology events and exhibits are also available almost every day. The HK Tourism Board is very active in promoting tourism in Hongkong.

Hong Kong cuisine is also delicious and satisfying. Serving portions are large and whether meals or snacks, there are many choices. Do not believe those 'I'm Lost in Hong Kong' shirts because you definitely will not get lost in Hongkong. All roads, important landmarks, and tourist spots have directional signs all over the place that is written in both Chinese and English..

Bora cay - White sand beach, crystal clear water and exciting nightlife are some of the things that made Boracay included in the top 25 beaches in the world. Located in the Visayas Island in the Philippines, Boracay is frequented by tourists and celebrities. It is hard to determine whether the people go there for the relaxing yet exciting beach side and activities or for the very lively nightlife because they truly outdo each other.

Palawan - Also located in the Philippines, Palawan is called the Last Frontier in the Philippines. This is considered a favorite vacation spot but unlike Hong Kong where the modernity and technology is being celebrated, the nature's allure, and offering of Palawan makes every tourist come back for more. Mountain climbing, island hopping, diving, and spelunking are just some of the things you can do here. The Underground River is also a popular site.

Macau - In the Forbes Luxe List of Most Extravagant Hotels Owned by Millionaires, The Venetian Resort Casino and Hotel in Macau made it as Top 10. Macau is truly a place like no other. You will definitely feel that you are in a vacation every minute you are in Macau.

Bangkok - hundreds of tourists visit the most happening city in Thailand, Bangkok every day. Truly reflecting the Asian culture, Bangkok has temples, floating market and cultural shows that attract both tourists and locals alike. Also, do watch out for the Bangkok City Sale as this makes Bangkok a good treasure trove for shoppers around the world.

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