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Explore Belize and the array of unforgettable experiences for travelers.

Archaeology Maya Temple

Belize is a country located on the northeastern coast of Central America. It is the only country in the area where English is the official language, although an English Creole and Spanish are more commonly spoken.

Exploring ancient Maya temples to discovering underwater life to meeting fantastic locals, it is safe to say there are more things to do here than you could possible cover in one visit. Thankfully, you can always come back. Check out all the places, activities, and amazing experiences for you to discover, here in Belize. With reef, beach, and inland activities to choose from, this is where travelers explore and have adventures of their own making. With so much of our natural environment, still healthy and intact, eco-tourism adventures are offered throughout the country.
Birding Tropical Belize


Over 500 species of feathered friends call Belize home from time to time. Some of the best places to see migrant and resident water birds are Crooked Tree and the seashores of Belize. Like everything else here, you can easily watch birds while doing something else. Going on a zip-lining trip? You may see a toucan. Cruising the Hummingbird Highway to San Ignacio? Pull over and check out a few birds. In Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve? So are birds. If you want someone to show you birds, our resorts and tour operators offer birding trips that will show you all the birding hot spots. So, no matter if you just want to check out a few exotic birds or you are a full-blown “twitched,” here, all you really have to do is look up.


Belize cave, they range from easy walks to challenging hikes that can often turn into squeezes, crawls, climbs, rappels and swims. Choose your cave accordingly. In most cases, you will find extensive stalactite and stalagmite formations and pottery shards; others have ancient intact pottery and human remains and other natural formation such as underground waterfalls. Just about the only thing you will not find in our caves is boredom.


From spin, to fly, to trolling, our abundance of game fish guarantees excellent sport fishing all year round. In addition, since many rivers empty into the Caribbean Sea, you are practically guaranteed a daily catch. Not to mention the fact that our guides have no problem sharing their own secret spots with guests. Explore Turneffe Atoll, which provides you with some of the most desired areas in the world for fly-fishing. Bonefish permit and tarpon are everywhere here. In fact, Belize is one of few places where you can fish a Grand Slam bonefish, permit, and tarpon all in the same day. How many times do you get to win a Grand Slam on a vacation?


As intimidating as some of our trails may look on a map, do not worry. Most are designed in loops so you easily return to your starting point. Some trails are self-guided; some require the expertise of a licensed tour guide who can point out birds, wildlife, and local plants. Whatever level of hiker you consider yourself, we have the trail to match what you are looking for. Take a day tour or spend several days camping either one provides you with the chance to encounter exotic tropical plants and birds, or to see wildlife, including howler monkeys, crocodile, or the tracks of the elusive jaguar and tapir.


Horseback in Belize
Horseback riding tours can be arranged through many resorts or tour operators. Popular tours travel through the jungles of the Cayo District, or you can see Maya sites like El Pilar, Xunantunich, and Cahal Pech. In northern Belize, you can find horseback riding at the Mennonite community of Blue Creek. Saddle up and explore unexcavated Maya mounds and the farmlands and planes, stretching across the region. It is a ride you surely will not forget.


Even if you’ve never snorkeled before, our knowledgeable local guides will help you explore the kaleidoscope of colors found in hard and soft corals, sponges, and over 500 species of  fish and marine life. There are hundreds of snorkeling sites of varying depths along the Belize Barrier Reef. Every snorkel spot is a little different from the other and if you go back to the same spot, each time you will see something different.

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