Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Winter Trips To Warm You Up

Do you need a break from the cold?  If you need to thaw out then consider taking a vacation to a warm weather destination.  You will return tan, refreshed and ready to brave the rest of the winter.  Here are some suggestions for taking a winter holiday.

First off, you need to decide how long you can get away and how much travel you want to do.  Since most of the U.S. is cold in winter you’ll have to go south to find warm weather.  If you only have a few days then it makes sense to keep your winter trip close to home since you don’t want to spend a large part of your holiday on a plane.

Consider visiting southern Florida which has loads of options and tropical weather throughout the winter.  Miami is fantastic for visiting the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the nightlife of South Beach.  If you want a slower pace and fewer crowds, consider the Florida Keys.  Key West is a quaint city full of bed and breakfasts with plenty to do for the entire family including water sports and nightlife.

A bit farther (but not by much) is the Caribbean.  You’ll need a passport and the flights are more expensive but it is well worth it.  There are tons of tropical islands from which to choose and there are French, Dutch, British, Latin and other influences to give you some culture.  The Dominican Republic is know for its inexpensive all inclusive resorts; included in the packages is accommodation, food, transfers and water sports.

If you have more time and money then consider taking a winter vacation in the Southern Hemisphere which is summer during the U.S.’ winter.  Rio de Janeiro has the world famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana with Sugar Loaf as a rugged mountain backdrop.  Since Rio is a large city, it boasts five star hotels, fine dining and many nightlife options.  Another holiday destination south of the equator is Australia.  The Gold Coast is full of sun and sand options and the cities of Sydney and Melbourne have a European feel.  If you’re up for some adventure then visit the interior and explore the outback.

Southeast Asia is a popular destination due to its affordability and richness in culture.  Singapore is not only full of sights, luxury hotels and culture but it is known for being a very clean country.  Malaysia has many white sand beaches and islands with accommodations ranging from simple bungalows to lavish resorts.  Thailand is another country brimming with ancient sights and gorgeous beaches and its people are known for their hospitality.

If you need to find some warm weather then there are many options for winter vacations.  Take lots of pictures and don’t forget your sunscreen!


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