Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finland Beach Destination

The sandy beaches are several kilometers long, with a soft, shallow bottom. A host of activities is available, such as surfing, beach volley ball and various other water sports. Towards the end of the summer, the water temperature is a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius or more.

In the summer, the beach life at the Yyteri cape, at 250 km from Helsinki, is very active, with holiday makers arriving from all over Finland as well as abroad. There are many different accommodation options: tent, caravan, hotel and many types of holiday homes; from modest cottages to brand new, luxurious villas that accommodate up to 10 persons.

Between the cottages and the ocean are the sand dunes that can be as high as 20 meters. The lovely scenery is not typical of Finland: it reminds one perhaps rather of the dunes in Long Island, New York, in the Western United States.

The shallow water in Yyteri is, according to many, the best place for surfing in Finland or even in all of Scandinavia. Surfing lessons are offered to beginners. In the summer, the beach is filled with surfers of all levels.

The most experienced surfers come to Yyteri in the autumn, when the beginners have already left. The best time for them to be in Yyteri is during the autumn storms. The Yyteri cape is also a valuable natural habitat for birds, known internationally for its rich bird life. There are many bird watching towers in the vicinity.


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