Friday, October 25, 2013

Whale Watching in Australia

Cruise along the Australian Coast line in the safety of our boats while looking out for the telltale shadow under the water. Watch in awe as these gentle giants of the deep breach the water in a graceful arch. Feel the power of this mammoth beast in the splash of its tail. Record this once in a lifetime experience on your camera and relive the majesty and beauty of this adventure all your life.

Australia lies right in the middle of the annual migratory route of the Humpback whales. These majestic giants prefer the tranquil waters of the Coral Sea off the northeast coast of Australia to give birth and mate. The coastline of Australia boasts of many areas where you can catch a glimpse and more of entire pods of whales swimming and cavorting right alongside your boat. Spring and summer are the best times for whale watching and you can catch innumerable sights of Humpback whales and South Right whales all throughout this season.

There are some areas around Australia where, for reasons known only to themselves, whales seem to prefer. One of the best places for whale watching in Australia is in New South Wales. From Sydney harbor, you can catch a whale watching boat, which will take you out to the ocean, and you can be assured of whale sightings almost throughout the year. Humpback whales and South right whales are both common is these water and many of the cruises promise you a guaranteed whale sighting.

Cape Naturaliste at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean is another ideal location for whale watching. Geographer Bay, where Cape Naturaliste is located, is a natural playground for the whales. Although Humpback and South Right whales are most often sighted, you can occasionally glimpse a mammoth Blue whale in these waters. The lighthouse on Cape Naturaliste is an excellent place to watch out for whales without leaving the safety of dry land.

Victor harbor in Southern Australia is the perfect place to see South Right whales in their element. During July and August, these whales return to the warm sheltered waters of the Southern Ocean to breed and to give birth to their young. The whales approach quite close to land and can be easily viewed from shore.
Albany in Western Australia is another unique region where both humpbacks and South Right whales congregate from June all the way to October. Local whale watching cruises provide excellent opportunities to experience these extraordinary and extremely curious animals up close and personal. Whale World, the whale museum in Albany is another attraction that draws tourist to Albany. Here visitors can take an interactive journey through the site of the last operating whaling station in Australia, supported by a series of audiovisual displays, artifacts and whaling history.

Another great spot for viewing whales is at Warrnambool. Each year, roughly between late May and early October, Southern Right Whales return to their nursery at Warrnambool to give birth and raise their calves. The clear waters off the Bass Strait offer clear views of gentle mothers and their giant children as they frolic and enjoy the safety and warmth of these waters.


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