Thursday, October 31, 2013

Favorite Travel Destinations

While some people fancy holidays full of activities trekking high in the mountains others prefer lazing on the pristine sandy beaches while others still enjoy the fun of vibrant cities. Whichever type of holiday that makes your heart beat with excitement here are some of the places you might want to visit.


Holidays to Greece are characterized by many islands, which all boast of fine beaches; here you are never short of that much short after beach fun. With over 2000 islands to choose from, which range from tiny atolls to the main island Crete you can be assured of unmatched adventures.

If you like, fun water activities such as diving and snorkeling then you are better off in Karpathos, Milos, or Paros. In Milo, you will come face to face with deep-sea fish, dolphins, and monk seals.

For fun beach experiences then try the lapping turquoise waters of Platys Gialos and Kambos on the serene island of Lipsi. Skiathos boasts of over sixty beaches some of them nudist friendly such as Little Banana.


Morocco’s Atlas Mountains are a precious gem for those that love real mountain experiences. From rocky terrains in the wild High Atlas Ranges to quaint mountain villages and towns, the scenes change dramatically giving you an opportunity to view some of the most spectacular landscapes. The unforgettable charm and hospitality of the Berbers makes the trip even more worthwhile.

As you begin your ascent in Ouirgane, you will meet donkeys pulling carts, see wild flowers, enjoy staying in Berber houses, and wash your dirt in traditional Hammam. Along your terrain, there are challenging mountains such as Mt Bigmoussen and Toubkal, which is North Africa’s highest peak. Toubkal is quite demanding but you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the landscapes below making the challenge well worth it; beautiful villages clinging on the mountainsides, wild flowers, valleys and the herds of goats herding in the plains.


Barcelona is a centre for party lovers, a city where culture and art is rich and its sandy white Barceloneta Beach is bustling with activities that you will enjoy. There are excellent sculptures, beach side dominoes, water sports and even beach library where you can borrow books and toys for kids.

The Parc la de Ceutadella is a serene park where you can relax after a long day exploring the city. Here, you can enjoy paddling in the central lake in the park and see ducks, moorhens and venture on creaky boats available for hire. There are ornamental gardens, beautiful fountains, playgrounds, and splendid buildings. At night, this park turns into a center for excellent performances by local musicians handpicked from the best groups in the country.

Skateboarding at MACBA is another exciting activity, which you should try. Alternatively test your reflexes in a quick game of el ping-pong, which is a common practice in Barcelona. There are numerous public tables found almost everywhere in the city, from city squares to the gardens.


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