Tuesday, October 22, 2013

European Holiday Destinations

Europe is the favorite destination in the world for tourists and the second largest continent. The cost of travelling in Europe however can appear to be very expensive and potentially will put many people off taking a tour of Europe.

Times are changing however and there are now lots of tour packages available in Europe that are considerate of budgetary constraints and which can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the traveler.

With so much to see and do in Europe, including the many world heritage sites that reside there, it would be a shame to miss the history, culture, architecture, natural resources, and cuisine that the continent has to offer.

France is the number one most visited country in Europe and it is not hard to see why. The characteristics of Europe are demonstrated in abundance by this highly popular holiday destination. In particular, the South of France is hugely popular because of all the illustrated features being present there and it being accompanied for the most part by a Mediterranean climate. There are also, believe it, or not, parts of the South of France that will suit a limited budget.

For anyone interested in a tour of Europe but who may be concerned that their limited budget may not be enough for the trip, it is worth investigating what cheap tour packages are available. A great place to start to look for budget packages to Europe is a travel agent specializing in European travel. Most travel agents offer packages to suit individual budgets, so it is always worth looking.

That could not be easier these days as most agents have websites online that detail any number of the packages available. One of the primary factors for reducing costs is to travel in a group, the more the merrier really, because larger groups tend to get bigger discounts.

Europe Bus Tour Packages 40% Off If you do decide to take a package tour, make sure that you understand everything that is included in the price. Assuming you are flying, the main factors to look out for are flight costs (including any taxes), airport transfers, insurance, luggage, airport parking and what meals and or drinks are included. A fully inclusive deal often ensures that you know what you are paying and that there is no need to spend on additional items or incur unknown costs. The downside is that you may be paying for things you do not really need or want.

Reasons for Booking a Package Tour to Europe

For most people in America, European vacation is a dream. It is usually not affordable and destinations are always confusing. For those who take the plunge and decide to go, where and what to see is the next problem. A simple solution is to book a package trip to Europe. With all-inclusive packages people can pick locations, avoid the stress of putting together everything themselves and just get on with enjoying their trip.

European vacation packages are a wonderful method to see a ton of places sans the hassle of planning. The most basic tour will include hotel, transportation and an itinerary of things to do on a daily basis. More elaborate packages include dining at some of Europe's best restaurants, escorted sightseeing which can be helpful in non-English speaking countries, and special trips to out of the way places - all with the peace of knowing that the traveler is not alone in a foreign country.

These packages can be in one country in Europe or a "discovery" tour where several countries or cities can be visited over a span of days or weeks. There are many different companies available with a diverse selection of specialty tours, each focusing on a particular area or type like cooking, art and wine tasting to name a few.

Why Booking a Package Tour Could Be Perfect In Europe

There are a number of advantages to booking a European package versus traveling solo. The most obvious benefit is that planning all your stops is taken care of by the tour agency. For many travelers, the planning stage is considered the most stressful. Secondarily, with all-inclusive European vacations, everything is done for you, which allows you to enjoy your vacation unencumbered by worrying about the details. There is also usually a significant savings realized over traditional vacationing.

Because tour companies are booking for groups of people, they can negotiate sizable discounts, which are then passed on to the tour participants. Native tour guides are another big reason that distinguishes tour company’s services from traditional bookings. Often the guides are residents of the region speak English and can give you unique insights about the area that only a local guide can offer.

Non-Traditional Travel Packages to Europe

Many of the travel packages are designed around a country or countries. You select a region that you are interested in, pick the number of days you want to stay and the tour company handles the rest. Most package tours have cute names like "A Taste of Italy" or "European Holiday.” The non-traditional tour packages actually focus on some of the regions famous offerings including cooking or wine tasting tours and some are activity driven including hiking, boating and golf packages which are location centric.


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