Friday, October 25, 2013

Europe Car Rentals

Europe is prominent for its public transportation and plethora of cheaper flights, and the reality that it really is so compact with so many countries all smashed together, means that it really is infinitely easy to get around in Europe. Nonetheless, you will find those certain times that call for a European rental car.

Let us say, for instance, you are trying to get away from the cities, or maybe you are traveling between two places where trains take infinitely longer than a drive would. Those locations are acquiring fewer and farther between, but they still exist all over Europe, especially in mountainous regions in and around the Alps.

That is when renting a car in Europe makes sense. However, for many Americans traveling to Europe, renting a car here may seem daunting. Questions of how challenging the driving will probably be, if the rules of the road are the same or distinct, and just the way to figure out the European road system and deal with those small cars with stick shifts could be sufficient to put off anybody.

In reality, renting a car in Europe is not so challenging should you maintain these couple of ideas in mind.

Most main rental car companies operate in Europe. You are possibly familiar with car rental companies like Thrifty, Budget, and Avis, all of which operate out of most main European airports and cities.

The car will not necessarily be tiny weenie. The above photo shows a stereotypical image of what most Americans believe European rental cars look like barely big enough to fit a regular individual into. Sure, most European rental cars are significantly smaller than the average SUV, but actually, you might be more likely to just get a regular-sized compact automobile, for example a Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo, and it is possible to always upgrade your automobile to a larger size for a lot more money.

Be prepared to drive a stick shift. Yes, this one stereotype remains true. Most European cars, including rental cars, have standard transmissions with a stick shift.

Stay on your side of the road. Unless you are going to Britain or Ireland, driving in Continental Europe is carried out on the proper side of the road, so you have nothing to worry about there. If you are going to the U.K. or Ireland, you will need to take it slow at first, but you will discover it is simpler to adjust to driving on the other side than you believe.

Opt for Sat-Nav. Most European rental car companies do provide a satellite navigation systems or GPS systems for an extra fee (and yes, they will have an English-language option). If you are worried about navigating the roads, think about opting in for one.

Do you need one? Seriously, unless you might be planning to drive between two cities or out into the countryside, you genuinely might not require a rental car in Europe. Most European cities are very dense, supply little in the way of parking, and are, and equipped with fast and clean public transportation systems that can make your small rental car appear like a waste of time. So, consider carefully prior to you rent a car in Europe!


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