Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beach Honeymoons in Africa

Fundu-Lagoon Sunset
Looking for a beach honeymoon somewhere a little bit different? Why not try Africa? You will get a fantastic opportunity to combine your honeymoon with a safari if you wish, or you can just focus on the beaches and enjoy a less crowded experience. There are a number of benefits to honeymooning on the African continent itself rather than the nearby Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius, the Maldives, and the Seychelles. Here are the key advantages we would suggest:

Fewer people
. The Indian Ocean is a very popular place for honeymooners and holidayer alike. In the up season, the resorts, restaurants, and activities will be crowded and teeming with people unless you are willing to pay a fortune for a villa of your own. Obviously, that is fine then; but fewer people choose to visit the African coast for their beach honeymoon without any real reason why. After all, the sand is equally white and the ocean is just as beautiful from the African side as it is from the islands.

Amazing resorts. Yes, there are incredible luxury resorts for your honeymoon all over the coasts of Africa. For example, Azura in Mozambique is an incredible destination for your honeymoon; it is Mozambique's first eco-resort and virtually guaranteed to provide you with all the pampering, luxury, and privacy you could ask for when going on your honeymoon. With an excellent spa, expansive villas, and private plunge or infinity pools, it is hard to fault Azura for your honeymoon. Fundu Lagoon on Pemba Island, just off the coast of Zanzibar and only accessible by boat, is another incredible option for a week or two of luxury. Each room and suite is thatched with an incredible view of the Indian Ocean, and you will be able to go swimming and diving to your heart's content.

Exciting honeymoon combinations. Having your honeymoon in Africa means that you are not limited by your location. There is simply so much going on in Africa that you might even be overwhelmed with choices. The obvious choice is a safari. If you are going to be in the perfect location for one, why not take advantage of that proximity? You might split your time between different beaches with a quick, three-day safari, or take a train ride through South Africa, stopping for game drives along the way. You might also choose to spend some time golfing or relaxing in the spa - there are even great hiking trails through the areas around the cost. All the possibilities are open to you, allowing you to truly make your honeymoon your own.

An African honeymoon is full of endless opportunities. It is an amazing destination for any honeymooner - or holidayed, for that matter - and can truly make your dreams come true. The continent is gorgeous and diverse, with so much to see and do, so why waste your time anywhere else.


  1. I have never seen destinations that are so amazing! :o I especially love the beach honeymoons in Africa. The beautiful sunset photo you have is just gorgeous. Also, you have listed below some tours and safaris. Are these included in the travel package? What's included in your basic package? Thanks for sharing such beautiful travel destinations.

    1. Hi, Helen Malingo thank you very much for visiting my blog. Yes Africa is the right places especially for honeymoons.

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